30/30 Plays: Performance Reading of MISS QUINCE by Cynthia DeCure – April 28th @ 7pm

UrbanTheater Company is proud to be a part of 30/30 Plays national/international reading scheme, which is a gathering of 30+ NoPassport US Latina/o playwrights and theatre-makers currently happening across the country. We would love to invite you to our performance reading of the play, MISS QUINCE written by Cynthia DeCure and directed by UTC’s Marilyn Camacho.

Soledad Jenkins, an Americanized Puerto Rican woman walks into a quinceañera dress shop on her 45th birthday demanding to have the rite of passage she did not have as a teen. The women who work in the shop believe this woman must be crazy, but because the business is struggling financially, they agree to help her, even selling the dress meant for the shop owner’s own fourteen-year old daughter. Throughout the course of the play, each of the women take center-stage and, standing on a dress pedestal, magically recall moments from their own quinceañeras, helping the shop women understand why Soledad needs to reconnect with her roots via this ritual. When the shop owner’s teen returns to find that her dress was sold to this wealthy woman, Soledad is forced to reveal the real reason she now wants a quinceañera. This is a play about identity, transformation and forgiveness.

The wonderful All Latina cast features: Jasmin Cardenas (UTC ensemble member), Carmen Cenko, Angelica Acebedo-Frint, Suzette Mayobre, and Yolanda Nieves.

The reading is open and FREE to the public. Join us in celebrating the 30/30 reading series in Chicago!







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