Word on the Street

Here’s what the critics are saying about Urban Theater Company productions:

“This slick production features Hank Hilbert as Apache, who lives in the park, sleeping on the bench and what a marvelous interpretation he offers. Apache, growing up was a loser, facing an unhappy childhood. His mother was a whore and he befriended Speedy (a solid performance by Ivan Vega) who only wants to live a “first class” life.”

“No lobby furniture, not so comfy chairs, poor lighting; these are all fixable. What they do offer is quality of writing (choice of plays), fine direction, outstanding tech work (under not so perfect conditions) and fine acting. Let’s face it- what we want is quality, affordable and convenient theater and Urban is offering just that!”

“This is a solid production…”
Around The Town Chicago with Al Bresloff

Playing their story out on a single set—a park bench—Hilbert and Vega move expertly from comedy to agony, taking on physical and emotional journeys that are, at times, difficult to witness.

– Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader

“Under Juan Castañeda’s dexterous direction, Hank Hilbert and Ivan Vega hit the ground running and never allow the tension to cease for the entire two hours of what would be a much longer play on a larger stage…”

– Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times
“…This inaugural production of Latino based ensemble UrbanTheater Company makes  convincing case for (not just) another new Chicago company.”

– Novid Parsi, Time Out Chicago

“… Directed by the brilliantly gifted Madrid St. Angelo, this was not only the most completely actualized production of Piñero’s difficult writing that I have see to date, but also one of the most textured productions I had seen all year.”

– Venus Zarris, Performink – Critics in Review

“…each of the eight performers here has at least one memorable moment, and it’s fitting that this seminal voice in Puerto Rican drama is being honored in the heart of Humboldt Park.”

– Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“…a very powerful play with an awesome performance by a great theatre company.”

– Darius (Goldstar Review)

“…Rest assured, you will come away dramatically satiated. And the impressive corresponding work of UrbanTheater Company’s community outreach program is not only worthy of commendation and support but reinforces its mission statement, “From the streets to the stage and for the future.” This is a company that creates boldly inspiring theatre while it impacts the city with its conviction and compassion.”

– Venus Zarris, Gay Chicago Magazine

“…Cuba and His Teddy Bear sure came close to brilliance … there is much to admire in this ambitious wrenching world of depressed losers. Kudos to The People’s Theater and UrbanTheater Company for mounting such raw theatre.”

– Tom Williams, Chicago Critic – Recommended