Written by José Rivera

Directed by Marti Lyons


November 12 – December 12

Batey Urbano

2620 W. Division/Rockwell


*Marilyn Camacho, Kate Brown and Amanda Powell

Production Team:

Marti Lyons (Director) , *Juan Castaneda (Assistant Director), Catherine Connelly (Stage Manager), Marcella Portugal (Asst. Stage Manager), Matthew Dreier (Production Manager), *Karla E. Rivera (Production Coordinator), *Ivan Vega and *Madrid St. Angelo (Producers), Hannah Kushnick (Dramaturg), Christopher Kriz (Sound Design), Katherine Greenleaf (Props Design), Freddie Rocha (Costume Design), Richard Ebeling (Lighting Design), *Jorge Felix (Scenic Design), Adisti Regar, Andy Trusley and Bill Clelland IV as Technical Assistants
*Denotes member of the UrbanTheater Company Member
Run Time: 1hr 20mins (No Intermission)


Theatre World ONLINE, Ruth Smerling says:

Brainpeople is 90 minutes of scary, unpredictable adrenaline rush.

Chicago Stage Review, Venus Zarris says:

…BRAINPEOPLE is…an iconographic enigma wrapped in a deviate mystery that is too twisted and enticing to resist. Playwright José Rivera has crafted a script that is entrenched in strangeness and compelling density. UrbanTheater Company presents a Chicago premiere that is as seductive as it is startling…With relatively meager resources, UrbanTheater Company transforms the intimate venue of the Batey Urbano into a dramatic hallucination of extraordinary proportions and a destination for theatrical excellence. DO NOT MISS this seductively staggering and fantastically freakish dark delight.

Chicago Theatre Blog, K.D Hopkins says:

…Rivera has written dark and acerbic wit for these women of UTC. The characters are refreshingly free of stereotypes and shallow characterizations. The UTC production is that rare meetingof cast and direction that produces a transporting experience.

Tom Williams of Chicago Critic says:

…Director Marti Lyons navigates her three characters brilliantly through their foibles, their demons and their transformations that quickly engages us and holds the dramatic tension throughout the hour and twenty minutes.  This play will make you laugh and scare the hell out of you as it entices you into the wacky world of three desperate folks. The result is one of the finest acted shows I’ve seen this year. Brianpeople is a macabre work  that will rattle you beliefs as it celebrates the depths of psychosis.  Powerful acting and terrific storytelling fuel this “must see” play.

Kerri Reid from the Chicago Tribune says:

….Jose Rivera, the poet laureate of apocalyptic visions, weaves domestic sorrow and dystopic disasters together in “Brainpeople,” now receiving its Midwest premiere with UrbanTheater Company….This last supper of lost souls could easily become overcooked in its own fever-dream juices, but director Marti Lyons finds a balance between offhand humor (early on, Ani says of Mayannah’s lair with deadpan accuracy, “This place is basically creepy”) and potent images of death. Mayannah, ruminating on cremation, asks “How many times a day do we take in the evaporated dreams of other people?”

Camacho’s black-clad, cloudy-haired Mayannah stalks the gloomy dining room (beautifully rendered by Jorge Felix’s set and Richard Ebeling’s lights) like a vengeful bruja, but she peels the character back bit by bit, revealing her lifelong pain with mesmerizing skill.

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